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FreeCook negotiates with Thy News Tech LLC on purchase of Thy News app

15 May 2019


In early 2019, FreeCook (OTC Markets: FRCK) expressed interest in Thynews Tech, a company developing a news feed application.

Thy News lets users create their own news feeds based on the sources they personally choose. Users can include all the selected sources into a single feed or make several of them. Anyway, each is filled with its own set of sources. Thynews Tech predicts that development of artificial intelligence will completely take over managing news feeds by studying what sources and topics of news the user is interested in. By embedding AI, Thy News will become more comfortable and adaptable to user preferences.

FreeCook’s priority are projects aimed at developing software based on artificial intelligence. Due to the relevance of the directionThy News application is moving and plans for its development, FreeCook chose to negotiate possible acquisition the company while it is at early stages of development. 

Negotiations between FreeCook and Thynews Tech were successfully conducted. The companies appeared to have no fundamental disagreements. During the meeting, parties also determined prospects for development and mutually beneficial transaction. As a result, it appeared to be likely Thynews Tech purchase and sale transaction would be completed.

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