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One of the Company's areas of activity is the implementation of IT-consulting strategies for specific business tasks using innovative AI solutions. Lemalike Innovations, which is part of the holding, is engaged in this business area.

Based on its experience, the Company relies on an integrated approach of interaction with customers:

Applying the entire range of AI solutions makes a customer's business more telling, manageable, and predictable, which ultimately leads to increased profitability.


The Company is already helping dozens of other companies to do a good job, develop, and not focus on the technical aspect of the process. Alongside Lemalike Innovations provides such services:

- Project Management and Software Administration

Assisting clients with managing their projects, the Company conducts monthly backups of databases and relevant software. Saved copies are stored at a backup server which Lemalike also maintains.

- Financial and Asset Management for IT

Lemalike Innovation advises its customers on the most profitable management of their resources and thus helps choose the optimal solution for enterprise implementation. In addition, the Company helps its customers manage and collaborate with IT assets.

- Service Management for IT

Following the growth and development of clients’ business, the Company helps improve the capabilities of IT systems. It implements automation of IT processes for reducing costs and improving the performance of the whole IT infrastructure.

- Event Management for IT

Lemalike Innovation provides general IT support for offsite events organized by its clients. Moreover, the Company's representatives will ensure the business continuity of clients' IT systems.

Clients of Lemalike Innovations are usually businesses interested in optimizing the use of their resources and thus increasing efficiency. The Company can assist virtually any business, from printing agencies and consultants to logistics and pharmaceutics.

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. is always capable of creating innovative solutions that will help in developing and promoting your project.
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