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FreeCook purchased Thy News Tech LLC (Thy News app)

3 July 2019


Passing projects in review of possible collaboration, FreeCook (OTC Markets: FRCK) paid special attention to Thynews Tech, developer of Thy News news app.

Main factor of FreeCook’s interest in Thy News is the AI. It is prospected to be used in forming a newsfeed. However even at this point, the app’s ability to gather news from large number of sources is revelant and promising.

In May 2019, FreeCook (OTC Markets: FRCK) held several negotiations with Thynews Tech. During those, the parties found the transaction to be mutually beneficial. Following this, Thy News application will have more opportunities for further development. Negotiations resulted in setting a transaction date for the purchase of Thynews Tech.

On June 28, 2019, the parties signed an agreement on the purchase and sale of Thy News Tech LLC (“Thynews”), a Wyoming limited liability company.  In accordance with its terms, FreeCook acquired 100% of Thynews Tech shares and assets. For further details, please proceed to the SEC website.

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