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Trend Innovations Holding Inc. discusses its plans to develop a web version of the news aggregator Thy News

21 September 2022


Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN), a company specializing in innovative technologies using artificial intelligence. One of the company’s key projects is the Thy News application.

Thy News is a mobile application that is an aggregator of news articles. It collects news from a variety of sources and provides users with a convenient issue. This is convenient and practical for users. The user is not limited to preset sources, but is offered various ways to personalize the service.

Thy News meets the basic criteria of a news aggregator. Its software product collects media content, stores it in its own database and processes it. Aggregation technology helps to integrate many websites into a single page that can only display new or updated information from many sites. One of the Thy News team’s ideas is to give users a choice by supplementing a news aggregator site. Therefore, the application has all the necessary functionality so that a user can customize news feeds according to his preferences. But if a person doesn’t want or can’t install the app, he always has an opportunity to go to the Thy News website and read the news online.

A news aggregator web version is more likely to attract an older audience. But it can also be relevant for the younger generation as educational material and opportunities to expand their horizons. 

Since the site is more convenient, it is more likely that a person would access the site much greater than the app. The user does not need to spend much time searching, installing and configuring the application. This reduces the consumer time spent, but also increases the website’s browsing and activity in the application.

Two to four months should be enough time to set up a simple website. Building a web version is all about simplifying the process. Thy News site is going to offer plenty of advanced functionality, which means more time is required for its development.

The idea of adding the option to select the topics of interest in such categories as World, Politics, Business, Tech & Science, Sports, Health, Travel, Design, and Food with a link to the top news sources only in the application, allows the user who came to the website to be more interested in installing the news aggregator Thy News and registering in it. This solution will attract a wide new audience and interest in its functionality.

The development of the web version of the application can be very useful because it only requires access to the Internet. The offers of Trend Innovations Holding Inc. allow everyone to stay informed about the most relevant news.

The board of the company develops and offers different ways to read quality content from authoritative publications, as well as to discover new sources of information.

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