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Trend Innovations Holding Inc. studies the functionality of hosting the forum section and commenting news for the Thy News application

14 September 2022


Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN), a company specializing in innovative technologies using artificial intelligence. One of the company’s key projects is the Thy News application.

Thy News is a mobile application that is an aggregator of news articles. It collects news from a variety of sources and provides users with a convenient issue. This is convenient and practical for users. The user is not limited to preset sources, but is offered various ways to personalize the service.

The app offers a selection of news in such categories as World, Politics, Business, Tech & Science, Sports, Health, Travel, Design, and Food with a link to the top news sources. Ensuring discussions are around a particular topic (news articles), or any relevant topics that people want to actively participate in can help encourage users to regularly read news, log in, engage with the application and ultimately help to achieve success.

Forums are online discussion groups. They are considered to be one of the oldest forms of online communication. With the forum feature, users can have free discussions in the app. These days, people use them most commonly to ask questions and get advice from other people.

Discussion boards can strengthen connections with a wide range of people from all walks of life, which is one of their key benefits. Everyone can share their questions, ideas, and thoughts with a forum section help. Users could supplement the news with their reviews, comments, photo or video media. It can also be used as a tool for user service to answer forum posts directly.

Due to the fact that forum posts are generally archived, people may be able to find answers to common issues in previous posts.

Also creating separate communities for different user groups is a good idea so they can easily find topics ranging different interests that are relevant to them. In this way, they can not only find like-minded users on the forum, but also attract new ones by sharing their impressions about the Thy News application.

It would be possible to make a chat window for users, who want to ask a question or write something on the topic of news. Thus, users who do not want to read the forum will not be distracted by it. The person will have a choice and the application will not be overloaded with many features and settings.

Working on the app development, Trend Innovations Holding Inc. is now actively studying trends among news aggregators to provide its users with an interesting product. The news aggregator Thy News can become even more attractive and competitive as the forum section and commenting news function will be added.

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