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Trend Innovations Holding Inc. completes Thy News localization testing successfully

5 October 2022


Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN), a company specializing in innovative technologies using artificial intelligence. One of the company’s key projects is the Thy News application.

Thy News is a mobile application that is an aggregator of news articles. It collects news from a variety of sources and provides users with a convenient issue. This is convenient and practical for users. They are not limited to preset sources, but are offered various ways to personalize the service.

By using Thy News, consumers can stay up to date with news from around the world.

The development team believes that localization is required to ensure that the app provides a good interaction experience in international markets. When the app is translated and localized for clients all over the world, it shows that you understand and value them.

The process of localization involves adapting the interface, functionality, buttons, images, and other content to a particular country.

In Thy News, the default language is English, but users can change the settings and select the language of the application interface independently. The following languages were chosen for implementation: English (base language), German, French and Spanish.

Thy News’ localization makes it more valuable to existing users while at the same time attracting new ones.

This feature has been successfully implemented and tested; it will be available in future releases.

Localization will help the app reach a wider audience, making it more useful and accessible.

The application’s functionality will be significantly enhanced by this addition.

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