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Trend Innovations Holding Inc. on the Relevance of the Collection of Relevant News Sources in the Field of Cryptocurrency in the Application Thy News

10 August 2022


Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB:TREN), is a company specializing in innovative technologies using artificial intelligence. Thy News application is one of the key projects of the company.

Thy News is a mobile application with convenient control and the ability to choose the topics of interest. The user is presented with a wide range of news sources to which you can subscribe and group them. For example, if a user is only interested in technology and sports, he can only access their content without being distracted by other news. Each news is accompanied by the time of the publication and the source of the information. One of the goals is not to load the user’s content with predefined sites without the possibility of choice.

The application contains a large list of supported RSS services, so that users receive relevant news from different spheres, even those who work in narrow topics. A team working on the development of the application studies and constantly monitors global trends in news consumption. In the field of mobile aggregators, the news section with articles from the world of blockchain and digital currencies is gaining increasing popularity.

But very often it happens that journalists of one media outlet don’t have time to describe all the events, so there is an opportunity to miss the release of important news. At the moment, there are many Internet resources in the cryptocurrency industry covering its events. Most of these resources are managed by professional journalists and editors. Each top edition has its own style of covering events and its own visual content.

In order not to become hostage to this situation, it is best to use resources that work on the principle of news aggregators. Such is the application Thy News and its main task is to relay all news published on various resources. By monitoring these resources, the user can follow the output of most news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

Based on this reasoning, the team is already working on forming a new selection of Crypto news. Trend Innovations Holding Inc. is currently researching RSS cryptocurrency channels to form a better list for its users. This compilation will collect relevant news sources with articles that provide information on this area.

The new functionality will be available in the next release of the Thy News app. Trend Innovations Holding Inc. hopes that this functionality will be a pleasant addition to both existing users and to attract new audiences.

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