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Trend Innovations Holding Inc. Presents The New Release Of The Thy News Application And Plans To Improve The Functionality

27 July 2022


Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB:TREN), a company specializing in innovative technologies using artificial intelligence. One of the company’s key projects is the Thy News application.

Thy News is an application with easy-to-use management features and the option to select topics of interest. Users get to choose among a wide range of news sources to subscribe to and group them in one of five news feed designs. For example, if a user is interested in technology and sports, they can access this content without being distracted by other news. The time of publication, as well as the sources, are indicated with each release. Also, it is easy to share an article with anyone. Thanks to additional features, the application is partially available when the user cannot access the Internet.

Once a user downloads the application, Thy News offers a selection of news in such categories as World, Politics, Business, Tech & Science, Sports, Health, Travel, Design, and Food with a link to the top news sources. If a reader does not like any of the sources included in the categories, they can exclude them from the selection. One of Thy News team’s ideas is to give them a choice. Therefore, the application has all the necessary functionality so that a user can customize news feeds according to his preferences.

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. gives priority to providing users with the most current content in real time. To achieve this, it was decided to transfer the application’s capacity to more productive equipment. This decision was also influenced by the growth of the popularity of the application and the increase in the number of users.

Achieved the pages have been updated rapidly and the user application has improved. The advantages of migrating to new servers were security, high performance, and on the technical side, centralized management was improved to ensure uninterrupted operation. The updated version of the application is already available for download in AppStore, Google Play.

Nowadays, the key priority of functionality is the diversity within news sources. Since information is the essential part, the accuracy and reliability of the information are highly appreciated by a user. Thy News’s priority is providing both a choice and an opportunity to receive the desired information, only from those sources that the user has chosen to read.

The team, working on the application development explores not only the global news consumption trends but also analyzes the usability data. To ensure convenient interaction with the application on international markets, the team will soon begin to localize the user interface.

The app uses English as the default language of the application. Additionally, a user will be able to change the default language to German, French, and Spanish languages by going to settings.

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. expects that localization can significantly increase the value of Thy News, thereby acquiring a constant flow of new customers without losing existing ones.

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