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Trend Innovations Holding Inc. Reports on The Study of Materials on the News Preferences of Users’ Audience and the Formation of Application Development Strategies

14 May 2021


Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTC PINK:TREN), a company engaged in information technology based on AI, reports on the study of materials on the news preferences of users’ audience and the further formation of application development strategies.

Back in March this year, the board of Trend Innovations Holding Inc. formed a roadmap for the development of Thy News app for 2021.

Thy News is a news aggregator that allows users to follow news from around the world through a variety of sources. Every time, thanks to real-time updates, users receive only the latest news from the sources of their interest.

Following the development plan, the project team is engaged not only in implementing the planned functionality but also studying global trends in news consumption.

Those who want to understand how the preferences and habits of news audiences around the world are changing need to follow Digital News Report annual publications. This research is conducted by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University.

After reviewing the 2020 Digital News Report, the team would especially like to highlight and comment on the following:

«Looking to the future, publishers are increasingly recognizing that long-term survival is likely to involve stronger and deeper connection with audiences online, which is why we have also examined the growing importance of emails and podcasts, formats that are being deployed in greater numbers to increase engagement and loyalty»

«Consumption of printed newspapers, has fallen as lockdowns undermine physical distribution, almost certainly accelerating the shift to an all-digital future»

«Some publishers have been reporting significant increases in referrals from mobile apps»

Thy News allows to follow plenty news sources from around the world. The application collects information of users’ interest in one place, without limiting them with pre-installed sites. Additional news sources can be found and add in the application, however today the database already consists of 149,000 news sources.

Based on the information about the preferences of users’ audience and the functionality of Thy News app, the board of Trend Innovations Holding Inc. concludes that the chosen strategy for the app development is correct.

In the near future, Thy News will provide the ability to integrate RSS feeds. With this feature, the application can become more attractive to anyone working in a narrow topic or industry. Going forward, this refinement can help attract its own unique audience.

Thy News, a mobile news aggregator, follows the trend for an online audience. The app invites users to read quality content from reputable publications and discover new sources of information.

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