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FreeCook noticed a Lithuanian company called Repia

2 March 2018


Repia first attracted FreeCook’s (OTC Markets: FRCK) attention as a company engaged in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Repia provides IT consulting services using AI technologies. They optimize and develop information systems of their clients considering internal business processes. By solving IT consulting problems and introducing the artificial intelligence Repia makes businesses more visual, manageable and predictable. Ultimately it leads to increased profitability.

FreeCook decided to review Repia’s financial performance in 2017 following its potential interest in the company.

Between 01/01/2017 and 12/31/2017, Repia had a turnover of 74,486 EUR with revenue of 41,627 EUR.

Based on the mentioned indicators, FreeCook decided to start monitoring Repia’s activities in order to offer a mutually beneficial deal in the future.

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