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Trend Innovations Holding Inc., Shareholder Letter

April 1, 2020

Dear shareholders,

In 2019, Trend Innovations Holding Inc. made a key decision in regard to growth of the holding. It was a promising activity area of innovative technologies development using artificial intelligence. In 2020, the Company keeps on successfully following this direction.

Why is the area of artificial intelligence, that has attracted Trend Innovations Holding Inc., considered so promising? What benefits do such projects promise?

AI-based solutions have become popular in many areas due to theever-more dynamic development of this technology.With the introduction of artificial intelligence, companies can accurately draw up development plans based on «the machine brain» analytics. Both the companies already implemented this technology and the companies at the development stage always show higher growth rates.

At this stage Trend Innovations Holding Inc. already has several projects working in this direction.rking in this direction.

In June 2019, the holding acquired the company ThyNews Tech, which is engaged in the development of the same-name application. The idea of the application is to provide users with the news feed consisting only of personally selected sources. Thy News offers a choice of more than one hundred and forty thousand sources, which are updated in real time. The source database is constantly updated as well. ThyNews Tech, LLC, is developing a self-supporting application based on artificial intelligence. According to current forecasts, artificial intelligence will completely manage the news feed by studying the sources and topics users are interested in.

The Company is actively working on introducing artificial intelligence in order to make Thy News more comfortable and adaptable to users’ preferences.

The App is already available for downloading in stores. You can find more information in the Portfolio section on the website. 

In the spring of 2020, the Holding acquired MB Lemalike Innovations, a company that is engaged in the implementation of IT consulting strategies for specific tasks of business processes. The Сompany uses innovative solutions with artificial intelligence. Thanks to these solutions, experienced specialists help to make clients’ business more visual, manageable and predictable, which ultimately leads to increased profitability.

Having told you about the projects and development forecasts, Trend Innovations Holding Inc. suggests that you study the financial turnovers of the Company.

Since 2017, financial turnover of the Company has been improving, and the profit has been growing annually.

For the period from 2017 to 2019, the turnover increased from 74,486 EUR to 675,197 EUR. The holding intends to maintain its growth focus in 2020.

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. remains fully reporting, so you still can find all the information you are interested in on the SEC website for a more detailed review.

Another piece of good news is that the Company entered the open market, making it easier to all potential investors to become a part of the business. After all, by making a contribution of purchasing Trend Innovations Holding Inc. shares, you make a contribution to your future and the development of advanced technologies. The holding is a relatively young, but promising, energetic and fast-growing company. It is now the best moment to purchase the shares of the Company.

Natalija Tunevic
Director of Trend Innovations Holding Inc.

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